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Oily & Trouble



  • To help to control the sebum secretion by maintaining skin’s natural moisture based on natural minerals from Dead Sea Salts.

  • To improve the metabolism.

  • To help to recover and regenerate the trouble skin by accelerating the keratinization of skin.


  • Foaming Cleanser

  • P Solution Toner

  • EQ+ Serum A

  • Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

  • EQ+ Serum Q

  • Retexturizing Cream

Night Time

1. Foaming Cleanser

2. P Solution Toner

3. EQ+ Serum A

4. EQ+ Serum Q

5. Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

6. Retexturizing Cream – 1 time every 3 days by skin condition


Day Time

1. Foaming Cleanser

2. P Solution Toner

3. EQ+ Serum Q

4. Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

5. Sun Cream

Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser is designed to cleanse skin impurities and the make-up residue thoroughly by mild foam. It smooths and balance the skin while completing the cleansing process.

100 ml

for Oily skin & Acne skin

P+ Solution Toner

P Solution Toner is formulated to treat combination to oily skin and acne.  It helps to accelerate skin refreshed. P Solution Toner nourishes, soothes and maximizes skin pH balance.

100 ml

for Oily skin & Acne skin

EQ+ Serum A

Serum A is formulated to help the improvement of oily, trouble and acne skin. It help to make the skin healthier.

15 ml

for All Skin Types

EQ+ Serum Q

Make the skin bright and light by skin pH balance moisturizing by Hyaluronic Acid and by multi formulation of vitamin A,E and C derivative.

50 ml

for All Skin Types

Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

EQ+ Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel is formulated by unique technology with natural plants extracts 21 kinds of rich natural minerals of Dead Sea Salts. and It has the excellent functions for soothing, moisturizing and pH balancing all skin type.

75 g

for All Skin Types

Retexturizing Cream

Retexturizing Cream is a formulation to make the skin tone bright by improving the skin cell keratinization cycle process.

* The sunscreen cream to protect the skin from UV should be applied during daytime.

210 g

for All Skin Types / Use at Night Only